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For mandating

The Drinking Water Inspectorate expects all those involved to operate to the highest standards of hygiene and safety, ensuring that clean drinking water remains wholesome and there is no deterioration to the quality of supply." Notes to editors: * Energy & Utility Skills Group continues to raise awareness of the importance and value of the NWHS training to protecting public health, highlighting the ten year anniversary of the UK-wide scheme, providing a case study of the longest card holding engineer and then giving an example of the water companies now mandating the 'blue card' training right across their business.** The Energy & Utility Skills Register is an independent skills platform which provides recognised standards for the utility sector.Image - Dark blue suit = Peter Simpson, CEO of Anglian Water Light blue shirt = Paul Valleley, Director of Water Services, Anglian Water.

This is called the “Cemetery of the Innocents” and the crosses represent the number of babies aborted since the passage of When the group’s president, Ellen Wittman, contacted administration in October to schedule the routine display, she was told by a university official that the organization would have to post signs around campus warning other students about the upcoming event before it actually took place.

Students for Life of Miami University of Ohio, Hamilton regularly sets up its Cemetery of the Innocents display on the campus’ Central Quad, erecting small crosses to represent the number of lives lost to abortion since the passage of [RELATED: Cornell students protest pro-life views as ‘traumatizing’] But in October, when Students for Life President Ellen Wittman contacted the university to schedule the routine event, she was informed that this time, the group would have to post signs on campus beforehand notifying the community of the impending display.

A university official told Wittman she feared the display would cause “emotional trauma,” offering to meet with the group to discuss “less harmful” ways of expressing its views.

“As a result, the university does not approve or disapprove of any student organization’s display based on content or subject matter.

Energy & Utility Skills has commended Anglian Water for its work in mandating the National Water Hygiene Scheme as part of an extended quality approach and Hygiene Charter, linking drinking water quality management to health and safety principles.

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The National Water Hygiene Scheme 'Blue Card' forms the very foundation stone of that work, and we have implemented a comprehensive hygiene and behavioral culture that insists on safety best practice and requires the explicit commitment of any individual who work on or near our drinking water assets to a Hygiene Charter.